Thanks for coming to Starboards docs! The point of this is to answer any questions you might have about what a starboard is, and how to use this bot. If you ever have any questions, feel free to join the support server.
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What is a Starboard?

A starboard is a discord bot that essentially allows users to "vote" to "pin" messages, but instead of pinning them to the channel using Discord's pins, they are sent to your starboard. Usually, it works like this:
  • You create a channel called #starboard.
  • If someone sends a funny message, people can react to that message with
  • Once the message receives a certain number of
    reactions, the message is sent to the #starboard.

Why this Starboard?

It would be easy to create a simple Starboard bot that can just do the basics, where you set a channel and a number, and you're done. But with this bot, you can do so much more -- from having multiple starboards all the way to setting specific permissions for each role.
This bot is sometimes confusing to new users, but once you figure out how to use it, you can customize the bot to fit your servers needs perfectly.

Key Features

  • Multiple starboards per server
  • Multiple emojis per starboard
  • 25+ configurable options for starboards
  • Per-channel setting overrides
  • Per-role permissions
  • Autostar channels
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