New /_ view command The view command for starboards, overrides, autostar channels, and permroles has been improved. Now you can switch between your starboards using a drop-down menu, instead of running the command for each starboard.
The commands for viewing xproles and posroles have also been converted to paginators.
Empty embeds I didn't realize this, but embeds are valid as long as it has the author set. Since starboard embeds do, I removed the "file only" notice for embeds that don't have descriptions.
Changed some limits
  • required: 1 to 500 -> 1 to 10,000
  • required-remove: -500 to 490 -> -10,000 to 9,999
  • post update cooldown: 2/10s -> 4/10s
  • the autostar cooldown is now guild-wide instead of per-channel
Changed some premium limits
  • starboards: 10 -> 20
  • starboard emojis: 10-> 20
  • autostar channels: 10 -> 50
  • autostar emojis: 10 -> 20
  • regex length: 100 chars -> 1,000 chars
  • added a premium autostar cooldown of 100 messages per 10 seconds
A note on limits Limits are often arbitrary, numbers I just come up with them because I have to. If you ever hit a limit (other than the free starboard/autostar channel/emojis limit) that feels unreasonable, feel free to suggest a new one to me.
  • Made it so the xp-multiplier can be numbers other than 10 (facepalm)
  • Update premium locks when premium is redeemed and when asc/sb are deleted. Note that you can always run /premium-locks refresh to force them to update.
Backend changes
  • Removed the TTL from caches, as the new cache doesn't benefit from it
Last modified 2mo ago