Position-based Award Roles

Position-based Award Roles (referred to as PosRoles) are roles that have a limited "membership." For each role, you can set a number of members, and Starboard will automatically assign these roles based on a members position on the leaderboard. For example, you might have something like this:

  • @Super Star: 1 member

  • @Bright Star: 10 members

  • @Star: 100 members

This would mean that the first person on the leaderboard would receive the @Super Star role, the next 10, the @Bright Star role, and the next 100, the @Star role.


/posroles set-max-members

Create a PosRole, and/or set the maximum members for it.

/posroles delete

Delete a PosRole.

/posroles clear-deleted

Delete all PosRoles where the Discord role was deleted.

/posroles view

View all your PosRoles.

/posroles refresh

Refresh the PosRole assignments for your server.

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