Filters are a new way to create conditions for starboard and autostar channels. Filters are very flexible, and also rather complex to use. I won't document them here, but please give Filters a read if you're interested.

Some things you can do with filters:

  • Require that messages sent by users with a certain role have a certain length

  • Require that either the author or the voter have a certain role (a way to keep starboard spam down perhaps. Could even be combined with award roles, so that after a user receives enough stars they have permission to vote on messages)

A lot of stuff that you can do with the "requirements" category for starboards, and with the settings for autostar-channels, can now also be done with filters. I don't think filters will ever replace these settings though, just so that the old settings can still be used for simplicity.

In the future, filters may be allowed as a condition for overrides, so you can actually change starboard settings based on the content of the message, roles of the author, etc.. This would allow things like, "If the message has the word 'hello' it can't be sent to the starboard".

Filters are very much a beta feature right now and are subject to change. If you have any suggestions/problems with filters, I would appreciate it if you opened a thread in #support or #feedback.

Bug Fixes

  • The "Go To Message" button now shows up for /random and /moststarred

  • Fixed a bug with /permroles edit-starboard if you hadn't created the permrole yet

  • Added some missing message types (stage start, stage title, stage speaker, stage end)

  • Fixed bug with the use-server-profile setting always being treated as enabled, even if it wasn't

  • Fixed bug that prevented use of custom emojis with numbers in their name

  • Fixed some bugs with emojis (e.g. ❤️) that would cause it to show up as a plain character and not a colorful emoji

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