Setting Overrides

Overrides allow you to have different settings for a starboard based on the channel. For example, you can change the number of stars required for only one channel, instead of for the whole starboard.

All starboard options can be overwritten with overrides, except for private. A list of options can be found at Options.


/overrides view

View all overrides or the settings for a specific override.

/overrides create

Create an override for a starboard in a specific channel set. The copy-from option let's you specify another override to copy settings from.

/overrides delete

Delete an override.

/overrides edit [behavior|embed|style|requirements|

Change the settings for an override.

/overrides edit reset

Reset certain options to their defaults for the starboard.

/overrides rename

Rename an override.

/overrides channels set

Set the channels that an override applies to.

/overrides channels remove

Remove channels from an override.

/overrides channels add

Add channels to an override.

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