There are a few significant changes with the release of Starboard v4. This is not a complete list of all changes, but just covers the more important ones.

If you see any problems with the v4 release, be sure to let me know in the support server.


  • /starboards emojis [set-upvote|set-downvote] has been moved to /starboards edit requirements upvote-emojis: <emojis> downvote-emojis: <emojis>

  • /rank has been moved to /stats, which now shows more information than just the XP you have.

  • /leaderboard now has an option to show or hide members who've left the server.

  • /random and /moststarred can now search for messages sent by a certain person.

New Features

  • You can now create starboards and autostar channels in more channel types, including threads, forum posts, Text-in-Voice, and forums.

  • Starboard posts now embed all images, rather than the first.

  • On premium servers, starboard will now include attachments from the original message that couldn't be embedded by uploading them.

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