Exclusive Groups

Exclusive groups are a way to make starboards exclusive - meaning that a message can only be on one starboard at a time. Example use-cases:

  • You have multiple starboards to categorize messages, and a message should only be on the first starboard it reaches

  • A reporting channel - if a message receives enough ⚠️ (or whatever emojis you want) reactions, then it will be removed from all starboards and sent to the reports starboard

  • Leveling starboards - you have multiple tiers of starboards. Messages with 5-10 stars are on starboard-low, messages with 10-20 stars are on starboard-med, and so on.

Exclusive works have to "settings".

  • Starboards in the group

  • The priority of each starboard

The priority of a starboard determines what happens to posts on other starboards in the same group. If a starboard has a higher priority than another, it will override lower-priority starboards. If your starboards have equal priorities, then the message will stay on the first starboard it is sent to.


/exclusive-groups create

Create a group

/exclusive-groups delete

Delete a group

/exclusive-groups rename

Rename a group

To add starboards to a group and change its priority, use the /starboards edit behavior command (or /overrides edit behavior command for overrides).

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