The first major release of Starboard since it's creation.
Starboard has very recently been rewritten, with many significant changes. If you used the old Starboard and want to see what's new, you can read this. If you're new to Starboard, you can skip to the next page.
Due to the size of this change, I don't list every change here. Most likely, if you see a feature in the documentation, it's new.

Breaking Changes

  • Role blacklists/whitelists have been replaced with PermRoles.
  • Channel blacklists/whitelists have been replaced with Overrides.
  • All prefix-based commands have been replaced with slash commands.
  • Proper GIF support is now behind a paywall. This is due to API restrictions/ratelimits of GIPHY and Tenor.

Feature Changes

  • Moved to slash commands. All prefixes and prefix-based commands have been removed.
  • Added tons of new options to starboards.
  • Added "overrides", which allow you to set per-channel settings for each starboard.
  • Added "permroles", which allow you to set permissions for different roles.

Backend Changes

  • The bot is now written with hikari instead of
  • Starboard now uses apgorm instead of just asyncpg, which also means Starboard now uses a connection pool instead of a single connection.
  • Starboard is now clustered.