All starboard-related commands.
  • /starboards create channel: <channel>: Create a starboard.
  • /starboards view [starboard: <channel>]: View all starboards or settings for a specific starboard.
  • /starboards delete starboard: <channel>: Delete a starboard.
  • /starboards edit <category> starboard: <channel> [options...]: Edit a starboard. A complete list of options can be found in Options.
  • /starboards emojis add starboard: <channel> emoji: <emoji>: Add a star emoji to a starboard.
  • /starboards emojis remove starboard: <channel> emoji: <emoji>: Remove a star emoji from a starboard.
  • /starboards emojis set starboard: <channel> emoji: <emoji>: Sets the star emojis for a starboard, clearing any ones that were already there.