AutoStar Channels

Information on Starboard's autostar channels.
Autostar channels are channels where Starboard will automatically react to messages sent there.


  • /autostar view: View all of your autostar channels.
  • /autostar create channel: <channel>: Create an autostar channel.
  • /autostar delete channel: <channel>: Delete an autostar channel.
  • /autostar edit channel: <channel> [options...]: Edit the settings for an autostar channel.
  • /autostar emojis add channel: <channel> emoji: <emoji>: Add an emoji for Starboard to react to messages with.
  • /autostar emojis remove channel: <channel> emoji: <emoji>: Remove an emoji from an autostar channel.
  • /autostar emojis set channel: <channel> emojis: <emojis>: Sets the emojis to use, clearing any emojis that were previously there.


  • emojis: A list of emojis that Starboard will react with when messages are sent.
  • min-chars: The minimum number of characters a message needs.
  • max-chars: The maximum number of characters a message can have. Setting to 0 will disable. Set to -1 to disable.
  • require-image: If enabled, all messages must include an image.
  • delete-invalid: If enabled, messages that don't meet the above requirements will be deleted. If disabled, Starboard will just ignore those messages.