These are all the settings that can be configured via /starboards edit.

General Appearance

These are settings that affect the appearance of the embed in your starboards.
  • display-emoji: By default, a
    will show up next to the number of points. You can remove or change this emoji.
  • ping-author: Whether Starboard should ping the message author when one of their posts is sent to the starboard.
  • use-server-profile: If enabled, Starboard will use a users nickname and server-specific avatar. Disable if you would rather have their username and default avatar.
  • extra-embeds: If enabled, embeds attached to the original message will now show up below the starboard message.
  • use-webhook: If enabled, Starboard will use a webhook to send messages to the starboard instead of the bot app. This is a premium-only feature. Enabling this allows for the following two settings:

Embed Appearance

  • color: The color of the embed sent to the starboard.
  • jump-to-message: Whether to show the "Go to Message" link.
  • attachments-list: Whether to show the names of attachments as a list.
  • reply-to: Whether to show the message that was replied to, if any.


These are the settings which determine if a message is allowed to be on a starboard.
  • required: The minimum number of stars a message needs to appear on the starboard.
  • require-remove: If the number of stars a message has falls below this number, then the message will be removed from the starboard.
  • upvote-emojis: The emojis that count as "stars" and can be used to upvote posts.
  • downvote-emojis: The emojis that can be used to downvote posts.
  • self-vote: Whether to allow users to vote on their own messages.
  • allow-bots: Whether or not bot messages can appear on the starboard.
  • require-image: Whether messages must include an image to appear on the starboard.
  • older-than: A time that the message must be older than in order to be starred (e.x. 2 hours).
  • newer-than: A time that the message must be newer than in order to be starred (e.x. 2 hours).


These are settings that affect how Starboard behaves.
  • autoreact-upvote: Whether to automatically react with upvote emojis when a message is sent to the starboard.
  • autoreact-downvote: Same as autoreact-upvote, except for downvote emojis.
  • remove-invalid: If enabled, Starboard will now remove invalid reactions (such as self-stars) instead of just ignoring them.
  • link-deletes: If enabled, if the original message is deleted, the message will also be removed from the starboard.
  • link-edits: If enabled, the message on the starboard will show the latest message content, as opposed to the content it had when it was sent to the starboard.
  • disable-xp: If enabled, the 'star-emojis' won't count as XP for the user who receives them. A reaction will still count as XP if it is on a different starboard with this setting set to False.
  • private: If enabled, the random command will not be allowed to pull messages from this starboard. Note: random will never pull messages from a different server.
  • xp-multiplier: For each star, multiply the added XP by this number. For example, if the multiplier is 5 and a user receives 3 stars, they will have 15 more XP.
  • enabled: Whether or not this starboard can even be used.
  • cooldown-enabled: Whether to enable the reaction cooldown for this starboard.
  • cooldown: The actual cooldown value.5 stars per 5 seconds is the default. If someone tries to add a 6th reaction within 5 seconds, it will be considered invalid.